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 Please place your catering order by calling the restaurant and asking to speak to a manager. They will help guide you on your order and discuss any details necessary to make sure the food we prepare for your event will be a hit with your guests!

Small Bites & Sides

Shrimp Ceviche

blanched sweet pink shrimp, lime juice marinade, cilantro-lime crema, avocado, jalapeño, cucumber, red onion, served with house made tortilla chips. 


Street Corn

roasted corn, mayo, soft butter onions, lime juice, cilantro, cotija cheese, triple cheese sauce, tajin sprinkle 



corn tortillas, slow cooked birria, melted Oaxaca cheese, adobo sauce, beef consommé, red onion, cilantro, salsas: verde & chile roja 


Chips & Salsa Trio

house made tortilla chips, three house made salsas: roasted tomato, verde, & chile roja 


+ triple cheese sauce $14

+ guacamole $14 

Mac & Cheese

pipette pasta, triple cheese sauce, Gruyère cheese, black pepper breadcrumbs. 


+ thick-cut bacon $10

+ roasted green chiles $10 

Fresh Fruit

A mix of fresh cut, seasonal fruit



All salads are tossed with a mix of iceberg & romaine lettuce and come with house made dressing on the side. 

Taco Salad

tortilla strips, heirloom cherry tomatoes, diced avocado, pickled carrots, roasted corn, toasted pumpkin seeds, candied sweet peppers, cilantro-lime crema, cotija cheese, citrus-avocado vinaigrette 


Cobb Salad

thick-cut bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, hard-boiled egg, heirloom cherry tomatoes, red onion, candied sweet peppers, ranch dressing 


Harvest Salad

blue cheese crumbles, salt & pepper almonds, Fuji apples, sliced strawberries, golden raisins, red wine balsamic vinaigrette 


Loaded Wings

Loaded wing trays come with 30 wings that are tossed in the listed accompanying sauces and ingredients. 


classic buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles, sautéed celery & carrots, ranch drizzle, crispy ranch breadcrumbs 



roasted street corn, roasted chiles, candied peppers, cilantro-lime crema, tajin sprinkle, whole roasted Fresno pepper 


Honey Soy Ginger

honey soy ginger sauce, sriracha sesame peanuts, sliced scallions, ginger-mint cabbage slaw 


Honey Soy Ginger

pastor sauce, fresh pineapple, red onion, cilantro, whole roasted Fresno 


Carribean Jerk

spicy jerk sauce, fried plantains, mango chow, candied sweet peppers 


Classic Wings

Classic wing trays come with 30 wings that are tossed in your choice of sauce or dry rub (1 choice per 10 wings) and come with ranch and/or blue cheese dressing, celery, and carrots. 


Sauce Choices

honey soy ginger, pastor, honey BBQ, hot honey, classic buffalo, Alabama white, Jamaican jerk, Nashville hot 

Dry Rub Choices

honey BBQ, garlic parm, salt & vinegar, lemon pepper, chile lime classic buffalo, Cajun, Nashville, ghost pepper 

Grilled Chicken

20 halved portions of mojo marinated chicken breast grilled on the flat top. 


Taco Builds

Each taco tray comes with your choice of meat, the listed accompanying toppings on the side, 12 tortillas (corn or flower), and two 8oz house made salsas (roasted tomato (mild), verde (medium), or chile roja (hot)). Free pickled jalapeños, onions, & carrots are available upon request.  

 + side of guacamole $14 

Carne Asada

grilled marinated steak, roasted jalapeño, pico de gallo, red & green cabbage, cilantro


Shrimp (Crispy or Grilled)

your choice of fried beer battered or grilled chile-lime shrimp, baja chipotle-honey sauce, Fresno peppers, pickled onion, red & green cabbage, cilantro 



slow cooked beef, birria consommé, sliced Fresno peppers, red onions, cilantro 


Chiles Rajas

roasted corn & green chiles, melted Oaxacan cheese, cotija cheese, soft butter onions, pico de gallo, cilantro-lime crema, cilantro


Pollo Asado

grilled mojo marinated chicken, cilantro-lime crema, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, cilantro



Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding

 fresh “pan Virginia” buns, cinnamon swirl, whipped cream cheese frosting, Cinnamon Toast Crunch crumble 



Craft Bottled Sodas

 Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sioux City Root Beer, Squirt

$4 (each)

Bottled Water

 FIJI Natural,San Pellegrino Sparkling

$4 (each) 

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